Along Kochstrasse… part 3


Actually this is not even on Kochstrasse, but continuing east along the road which used to be Oranienstrasse but I think has changed its name, at least at the western end, for the usual historico-political reasons that allow the Berlin senate to believe that they respect Berlin’s recent difficult history while actually being hellbent on the complete erasure of anything that might hint of anything that doesn’t fit with a cosy rightwing conservative heritage-based tourist-driven view of the past, grrr…

[Later note: I was completely wrong about the above, ha, ha.  Well, at least in this particular case.  A couple of years ago, the section of Kochstrasse from Checkpoint Charlie to the point where it becomes Oranienstrasse was changed to Rudi Dutschke Strasse.  Rudi Dutschke, as any fool knows (except me up until now) was the left-wing activist shot by a right-wing assassin in 1968 (he survived the attacke but died some years later from injuries sustained in the shooting).  Ironically, the new Rudi-Dutschke-Straße connects with Axel-Springer-Straße, so called because the offices of the giant Axel Springer publishing group stand at this junction; the same group who were at the time of the shooting were running a Daily Mail-style hate campaign against him.  The Springer group also campaigned against the street name change, unsuccesfully.  So apologies for misinforming you.]

Where was I?  Oh yes, another IBA building.  It’s tucked into the corner of the block which is mainly the vast Bundesdruckerie (it’s just a license to print money, ha, ha).

This is part of  IBA Block 24, and known as the “Alte Feuerwache” (”Old Firestation”) – a centre for young people.  Seems to work, as there were lots of them about when I popped in, doing their young-people related activities.  It’s a partial reconstruction and adaptation of existing buildings, with a sort of big bridge sort thing.

Not immediately obvious from the street – there’s an entrance at Lindenstrasse 40/41, with a cafe.  The work is by Heinz-Jürgen Drews, in association with Architekturbüro Durchbruch and Ing-Gruppe Ökotec (power-heated-energy system) by the way.

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