Along Kochstrasse… part 2


Continuing a wander down the street…

Dumbly, I hadn’t recognised this building, despite the fact that it has a big sign saying ‘TAZ’ on it. It’s the TAZ building. And it was a part of the IBA, apparently.  It’s a quite un-IBA building though, a bit more British High-tech than the usual postmodernism.  It appears to be entirely made of glass, and for its age (late 80s) I wonder how cold that must be.  I sound like my mother.

Actually, the image shows the extension, the TAZ building includes the older, substantially rebuilt buidling to the right.

Anyway, across the road is another block built as part of the 1987 IBA, by Hans Kammerer, Walter Belz and Klaus Kucher, on the corner at Kochstrasse 59/Charlottenstrasse 83 – part of Block 5, if you need to know.

It’s on the opposite corner from Sauerbruch & Hutton’s very fine GSW building (photo thanks, runningforasthma):

It’s classic IBA, with downplayed street facades, but ‘gives good courtyard’, with its own little world tucked away from the busy main road.  Actually, I say ‘busy main road’ – of course this is Berlin, so it looks like a busy main road, but has the traffic flow of a quiet village.

See what I mean? I particularly like the spirally entrance ramp, which I attempted to cycle up, which left me less-than-impressively jammed against a bend at one point, to the amusement of a resident coming in.