All just a facade (3)


Since I mentioned aNC arquitectos‘ alternative proposal to retain and alter the Palast der Republik, (too late now, as it’s gone, of course) they’ve sent me some images, which it would be rude not to show you:

The image below makes an analogy between the evolution of the Schloss, with a possible evolution of the GDR’s Palast der Republik, from its 1970s original construction, through the erecting of a section of temporary ‘Schloss facade’ in 1993, onwards.

As I’ve said before, I think a process of gradually evolving an existing building using interim spaces and temporary structures would have been far more in keeping with the spirit of Berlin than another big, fixed museum, but there you are.  The city authorities were reported to have liked the idea, but sadly didn’t take it to be a serious proposal. Some alternative use layouts for the ‘arena’ extension, showing plan, with section at the bottom:

On sort of a linked theme, it’s worth also mentioning that before the Palast der Republik was demolished, it stood ‘naked’ for a while, stripped of its cladding and asbestos.  During which time, some people called raumlabor berlin did this.

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