The Fountainhead, Wednesday 23rd January


There are lots of films that are directly or obliquely about architecture, but not many that are actually about architects (I’m not counting here the kind of films where Tom Hanks plays a neatly widowed architect, shorthand for “creative type with higher/stable income” and pursued by Meg Ryan, with unfailingly tedious consequences).

This film is properly about an architect, in the form of modernist architect Howard Roark, played by Gary Cooper.  Based on the book by the borderline bonkers/proto-libertarian Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead is all about one man’s individualistic stand against the forces of commercialism, mainstream taste, clients and, eventually the rule of law itself.  The main character may or may not be loosely based on Frank Lloyd Wright – in any case he was apparently asked to design the buildings featured in the film, but his fees rather exceeded the budget).

The film was pretty much panned on its release in 1949, and maybe comes under ‘interesting’ rather than classic, but I’ve never seen the whole film so am looking forward to finding out.

8pm, admission free. At Hudson’s Cafe, Boppstraße 1 (corner of Schönleinstraße), 10967.

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  1. Interesting film.

    I saw this years ago, but the only scene I really remember is the homoerotic scene with the architect wacking away at rocks in a quarry for money as an alternative to compromising his artistic vision.

    RadiantFlux, December 29, 2012
  2. Blimey, sounds a bit saucy! Still, we’ve all been there…

    admin, December 29, 2012
  3. I kind of like the second picture. I really love these old posters.

    Rene, January 21, 2013

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