Architecture Wednesdays, and other events


Sorry for the couple of reschedulings recently, meetups currently as follows:

Wednesday 24th Oct – architecture book club – Jane Jacobs’ “Death & Life of Great American Cities” (see earlier post, below).

Wednesday 31st Oct – architecture film at Hudson’s, hopefully ‘HouseLife‘ – the film about the house in Bordeaux designed by Koolhaas / OMA – RESCHEDULED  - SEE LATER BLOG POST

Both events at 7.30pm at Hudson’s Cafe, Schönleinstr 1.

Also, I haven’t been yet, but don’t want to miss the TU’s exhibition about the Berlin IBA of the 1987, marking its 25th anniversary - RE-VISION-IBA ’87 _ Themen für die Stadt als Wohnort

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