Architecture Wednesdays


This coming Wednesday (12th Sept) am planning to go along and see Richard Sennett at the AdK, but the following Wednesday (19th) I propose holding our first film night at Hudson’s. Think we should also have another social night, plus another book club, dates proposed as follows:

Wednesday 19th – Film night
Wednesday 26th – A general meetup
then book club early in October, TBC.

I’ve invited suggestions for films before (thanks for those who commented) and general consensus is to avoid the really obvious ones like Metropolis and Bladerunner. But below is a list of list of some suggestions – the choice for the first film night will probably depend on which are easy to track down, but all suggestions / comments welcome.

Short of time to give info and links etc, so you can look these up!

George Lucas’s THX 1138
Dark City
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
Jacques Tati’s Playtime (or maybe ‘Mon Oncle’?)
The Fountainhead (of course)
A Clockwork Orange
Brazil (Terry Gilliam’s best film?)
My Playground (doc about Parkour)
The Ghost Writer
AEon Flux (for the Berlin buildings, less for the story)
Manufactured Landscapes
Coast Modern
Houselife (about that house that Rem Koolhaas did)


  1. what, no “Blade Runner” in a list of architect films?

    fergus_b, October 22, 2012
  2. and no Metropolis! Thought about these, but some in the group thought avoid the well known ones, as most people will have seen them. When we did Brazil last month, got a full house (although that doesn’t take that many people!).

    admin, October 23, 2012

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