Architecture Meetup, Wednesday 4th April


So the next architecture meetup will be on Wednesday 4th April from 7.30pm

At my place again: Hudson’s Cafe, Boppstrasse 1, 10967 (corner of Schönleinstraße, nearest U-Bahn Schönleinstraße)

And there’s a theme: ‘the Media Spree, Ostbahnhof, Stralau and Rummelsberg’.

My idea is that we put our heads together and organise ourselves a bike tour of the area, getting access to buildings. Where to have lunch obviously a critical element. Perhaps a constructive half hour or so, then more booze and the usual socializing.

A few possible ideas:

  • Tour of the ongoing reconstruction of Ostbahnhof
  • A look at the stupidly glossy Nhow hotel (I may have a new contact there shortly who can show us around)
  • Someone from the ‘Spreeufer für alle’ anti-Media Spree to talk en route?
  • Tour of RadialsystemV
  • A group lament on the loss of Bar 25, Kiki Blofeld etc and how horrible the O2 is.
  • Maybe go up to Kraftwerk Klinkenberg?

Look forward to seeing you.


  1. Hey Jim,

    LOLling at the O2 reference, and looking forward to staying in the Nhow this weekend (get us!)

    Quick question – I saw the block in the photo in a courtyard off Warschauer Strasse… what’s the story?


    James, April 11, 2012
  2. Hi James,
    you’ll have to let us know how the Nhow hotel is!

    Re the blocks, I don’t know who designed or made them, just came across them one day as I wandered, but should try and find out. I guess the idea is that they gradually decay/break up over the years (there’s water trickling over them).


    admin, April 16, 2012

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