Note to self: See everything. Miss nothing.


I’ve often bemoaned my own tardiness on this site in terms of keeping a log of architecture-related events going on in Berlin.  I always intend to, but it’s a task that if done thoroughly seems overwhelming.

This site however is much more successful at it (well, they have lots of people on board) –  In fact, I notice that they’re running a film on thursday night at the Bier Pinsel (properly the Schloss-Turm), a strange so-ugly-it’s-gorgeous-or-perhaps-it’s-just-ugly structure which you really should visit if you haven’t already.

Plus I’m jealous of their rotating tag cloud.  Oh well.


  1. Jim, you needn’t be jealous of the rotating tag cloud when you can get one for yourself. Imitation, flattery and all that. ;-)

    As to the Schloss Turm, no, no, it’s still just ugly.

    Tammi L. Coles, November 25, 2009
  2. Good point, am off to get me a rotating tag cloud – I’m sure it will double my hits and attract a huge new crowd of a-list archi-folk. How could it not?


    admin, November 25, 2009
  3. tag clouds are cool – as long as they don’t slow down the load time of your blog. My site seems to be very slow loading these days. Especially as I add new features and stuff. I would love for some advice and suggestion on how to improve it…but this is getting off topic.

    See you all of tuesday night.

    Lucas Gray, November 30, 2009
  4. Hi Jim,
    just thought you might be interested. Posted pictures of my visit to the construction site of the new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg to my daft little blog. Building is not 80s-tastic, but still …

    K., December 9, 2009

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