Wedding day


I was in the Berlin district of Wedding the other day (of which I know little) and spotted some interesting buildings (of which I know nothing).

If you can tell me anything about these, I will by you a beer/drink of your choice (if you come along to the next Stammtisch – see previous post).

These are the kind of days I love in Berlin.  Just me, a bike, and some unfashionably arcane architecture.

The first one is on Kolberger Strasse, and appears to be a kind of curious cross between hardnosed brutalism and, er, fey postmodernism.  It’s just wrong.  But I love it.

Excuse the new photo size, by the way.  Flickr has just redesigned itself to be less flexible.  Which is not particularly interesting, sorry.

Also on the same side of the street (below).  You hate it, don’t you?

Immediately around the back of the buildings across the street, following the little river, is a classic Berlin abandoned-victorian-industrial affair which, unusually, was really securely fenced off.  So I failed to gain entry, sadly.  What’s the world coming to if you can’t break in to an abandoned building?  Looks like a pumping station, by the way.

Someone told me the other night that cool dance/event space Radial System V, converted from a pumping station, is in fact one of five (the ‘V’ is a clue here, I see) named ‘Radial System I’, ‘Radial SystemII’ etc.  Is this one perhaps?

Just up the road, at Brunnenplatz, is an extension (or rather rebuilding) of the rear wing of the crazy ‘Addams Family’ castle-cum-Amtsgericht.  I know that I’m now in a minority of one, if I say I like it.  Persuade me otherwise, over that beer:

Note, in the image above, the ‘hilarious’ neogothic window references, turned 90 degrees at the top of the main facade.  Is this charming-but-not-great, quite clever, or just awful?  My internal battle of taste continues…

The original building:


  1. Would “Naff – but high-quality naff” just about cover it?

    Matt Tempest, November 2, 2009
  2. You’re very cruel… but about right. Apart from the first building – I stand by that as something good. Possibly.

    admin, November 2, 2009
  3. I think the first building is actually pretty good. The second one could be good if you collaged it into a decent composition. But the one with the sideways Gothic windows…

    araya, November 8, 2009
  4. hi there, i think the first one is, as so often it seems, by hinrich baller. from his “bunker-phase”, as someone wrote about it on flickr…. ha, just 15 min away from a beer…

    stephan becker, November 10, 2009
  5. the first one is by:

    it was a nice surprise, to recognize ‘Kolberger Strasse’, where I was involved as ‘freier Mitarbeiter’ in 1983.

    gundolf, February 22, 2010

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