Freya Copland – Photography (Finissage on May 11th)


If you’re in the neighbourhood, Freya Copland has a photography exhibition at our cafe, do drop by for a coffee and have a look.

Update: runs until 11th May, when there’ll be a finissage from 7pm.

Hudson’s, Boppstraße 1, 10967 Berlin.

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Film Night, Wednesday 20th March – Dark City – CANCELLED


Sorry, cancelled (due to sickness)

Alex Proyas’ Dark City is clearly indebted to the usual suspects of Metropolis, Bladerunner, various interpretations of Gotham City and maybe even Brazil, as well as overlapping to some degree with the Matrix and Inception. It’s less well known than these, but it’s been recommended to me more than once, so I thought we’d give it a go.

To explain it may give away much of the plot, so I won’t.  Suffice it to say that it’s a kind of ‘cyber-noir’, set (seemingly) in a city of permanent night.  A good cast includes Rufus Sewell.

Rarely do fictional cities include their own subway maps:

And yes, someonw really has included it in their Phd thesis:

Come along at 7.30, as we’ll start at 8pm. Hudson’s cafe, Boppstr 1, 10967

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Destruction at Lützowplatz – Final


A few years back (scarily, it was 2008, how time flies) I blogged about the partial demolition of an IBA block by O M Ungers.

Sadly, as noted by Isar Steve, the remainder has now come down.

While nothing is sacred, it’s depressing when something thoughtless like this happens, especially as it’s essentially replacing much needed social housing with private luxury development (if anything actually gets built at all).

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