Film Night: Berlin Babylon, Wednesday 5th December.


Am very excited that Hubertus Siegert, director if the 2001 documentary film Berlin Babylon, will be joining us for a screening of his film, with a chance to chat about it afterwards.

The doc follows many of the key architects and other players in the ‘euphoric’ first wave of Berlin’s reconstruction in the late 1990s, including Renzo Piano, the late Günter Behnisch and others as they muse on the business of reconstructing huge areas of the city from scratch.

Plus it’s got a soundtrack composed by Einstürzende Neubauten, which you can’t say about many architecture documentary films. Or indeed most films.

As usual, 7.30pm at Hudson’s Cafe, Schönleinstr 1.  Be punctual, as we want to have some time at the end!

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Archi Book Club, 21st November – The Lure of the City: From Slums to Suburbs


On Wednesday 14th November, I’ll be taking part in a panel discussion entitled “The Triumph of the City?“, a satellite event of  the Battle of Ideas event earlier this month in London.

One of the other panelists, Alistair Donald, is co-editor of a recent book of essays  - The Lure of the City: From Slums to Suburbs, so I propose to do this as our book club book for the following week, by way of a tie-in.

Book club will be at 7.30pm at Hudson’s Cafe, Schönleinstr 1.

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Koolhaas – HouseLife


Have decided to do this on Tuesday (30th October), to avoid a Wednesday clash with Halloween, but also with an event at the AdK.  So a chance to see HouseLife, the documentary about the Rem Koolhaas-designed private house in the south of France.

Unlike most archi docs, HouseLife follows a week in the life of a starchitect design through the eyes of its cleaning lady, as well as a number of other people tasked with cleaning its inaccessible glazing and attempting to fix the never-ending leaks.

As usual, 7.30pm at Hudson’s Cafe, Schönleinstr 1.

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Architecture Wednesdays, and other events


Sorry for the couple of reschedulings recently, meetups currently as follows:

Wednesday 24th Oct – architecture book club – Jane Jacobs’ “Death & Life of Great American Cities” (see earlier post, below).

Wednesday 31st Oct – architecture film at Hudson’s, hopefully ‘HouseLife‘ – the film about the house in Bordeaux designed by Koolhaas / OMA – RESCHEDULED  - SEE LATER BLOG POST

Both events at 7.30pm at Hudson’s Cafe, Schönleinstr 1.

Also, I haven’t been yet, but don’t want to miss the TU’s exhibition about the Berlin IBA of the 1987, marking its 25th anniversary - RE-VISION-IBA ’87 _ Themen für die Stadt als Wohnort

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