Finally, a Stammtisch chez moi. Wednesday 16th March.


Having struggled to find a decent venue for our (ir)regular archicture meetups in my neughbourhood, I’ve taken the liberty of building my own.   This has taken rather longer than planned, and has meant no clubbing or looking at interesting buildings for the last few months.  But on the plus side, I don’t have to reserve a table, and can make myself a decent coffee at will.




So please come along and join us for an evening of architectural chat and a second attempt to watch Patrick Keiller’s ‘London’. 

8pm, at Hudson’s Cafe, Boppstrasse 1, 10967. It’s on the corner of Boppstraße and Schönleinstraße, nearest U-Bahn Schönleinstraße.  I might even have put the signage up by then, and you can tell me all about what goes on in the world outside, beyond my own limited existence of baking and comparing the price of salami.