Note to self: See everything. Miss nothing.


I’ve often bemoaned my own tardiness on this site in terms of keeping a log of architecture-related events going on in Berlin.  I always intend to, but it’s a task that if done thoroughly seems overwhelming.

This site however is much more successful at it (well, they have lots of people on board) –  In fact, I notice that they’re running a film on thursday night at the Bier Pinsel (properly the Schloss-Turm), a strange so-ugly-it’s-gorgeous-or-perhaps-it’s-just-ugly structure which you really should visit if you haven’t already.

Plus I’m jealous of their rotating tag cloud.  Oh well.

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Next Stammtisch, Tuesday 1st December, at Kim


Annoyingly busy lately, hence the continuing lack of blogging, but essential to mention the next Stammtisch, which once again will be at Kim – Brunnenstrasse 10, Berlin 10119 – from 8pm. There’s no sign saying ‘Kim’ (to be extra cool) and it just opens for us on the night, so don’t be afraid to come on in even if it looks more like a meeting than a social gathering.

Everybody and anybody welcome, to have a beer and chat about architecture, urbanism and other such related Berlin things.  Generally in english, but german often breaks out in small pockets.

I’ve also set up a Facebook group for it, if you’re familiar with such things, called Berlin Architecture Circle – possibly not a great name, but I found a really good picture for it so couldn’t resist…

Hope you can make it,


H – 01577 682 7829

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Tonight, and this weekend


If you’re not worn out by 20th anniversary celebrations, don’t forget tonight’s Stammtisch, 8pm as usual, but please note a change of venue, to Kim, at Brunnenstrasse 10, Berlin 10119.

Also, Save Berlin this weekend looks like it might be fun if you’re at a loose end…

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