Short films and other things.


I’m still alive, but have been desperately busy over the last few weeks/months, with a lot of cake baking, plus other things, going on.  Actually, of these two (cake baking / other things) it’s been mainly cake baking.

But the ‘other things’ have been interesting.  I’ve been doing english subtitles for some short architecture films which the ever-fabulous have put together for the climate summit in Copenhagen next week.  I’ve listed them out here, if you’re mad keen to know which ones.

This one’s interesting in a techy sort of way, and is in Berlin.

And this one’s very interesting, although not subtitled by me (not subtitled at all, in fact) and not to do with sustainability.

By the way, the next Stammtisch will be on 5th January (the rule being the first Tuesday of the month).  Even though it’s January, and will doubtless be cold, and we will all doubtless be broke.